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For Immediate Release

July 3, 2001

Contact: Jim Harper

(202) 546-3701

Statement of Privacilla Editor Jim Harper on Letter to U.S. House Majority Leader

Diverse Array of Groups Applaud Leadership on Protecting Privacy From Government Intrusion

Washington, D.C. Jim Harper, Editor of Web-based privacy policy think-tank, issued the following statement today regarding a letter that was sent by 84 organizations and individuals to U.S. House Majority Leader Dick Armey:

As we celebrate our country's independence on July 4th, we should not forget why the Second Continental Congress declared our independence from England: an overweening and intrusive government.

The United States today is one of the freest countries in the world. Freedom is easy to ignore or take for granted, but all the benefits of American life spring from it.

The price of freedom is still vigilance. The House Majority Leader has been one of the most vigilant observers of Americans' strong interest in privacy from government. A wide array of advocates and organizations have joined to salute him for that.

Law enforcement is increasingly using snooping technologies like Carnivore and facial scanners to observe the actions and communications of innocent Americans. Their well-intended zeal needs to be tempered by regard for Americans' privacy rights. The Majority Leader is working to strike that balance. ( is a Web site that captures privacy as a public policy issue from a free-market, pro-technology perspective. It has been described as a "privacy policy portal" and an "online think-tank."


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