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Internet Gambling

The Internet has raised many concerns among policymakers. Among them is the possibility that Internet gambling will spill across state and national borders to become ubiquitous nationwide and around the world. Gambling is regarded by many as socially undesirable or immoral, and the Internet threatens the power of governments to control it. The National Gambling Impact Study Commission voted unanimously to ban Internet gambling.

Internet gambling laws create a fairly serious threat that government monitoring of the Internet will have to increase, including monitoring of innocent, law-abiding citizens. Internet gambling laws create a choice that few of their proponents want to face. If Internet gambling is not outlawed, gambling may spill across state and national borders. If Internet gambling is outlawed, surveillance of the Internet by the government may spill into the private communications of every American.


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Statement of Lisa S. Dean, Vice President for Technology Policy, Free Congress Foundation before the House Commerce Committee on H.R. 3125, the Internet Gambling Prohibition Act (June 15, 2000)

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