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CPExchange is a project to develop universal, open standards for trading customer information in an electronic format. The project is developing a set of agreed-on protocols that will allow companies adopting the standards to communicate information with one another quickly and accurately.

CPExchange is no greater a threat to privacy than any other technology or standard. It will be used most often to trade consumer information consistent with consumer wishes. It may be used by accident, or by bad actors, to trade information contrary to the wishes or interests of consumers.

CPExchange may be usefully compared as a technology to the automobile. Usually used for moving people quickly from place to place on lawful and appropriate business, the car can also be used as a getaway vehicle by criminals. CPExchange will be used almost entirely for appropriate and beneficial purposes, but occasionally it will be used wrongly. Those concerned with privacy should focus not on the technology, but on what uses are made of it.


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