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Medical Information Online

As the "online" and "offline" worlds continue to converge, medical Web sites are offering more and more services to patients and doctors. This raises questions about the privacy of medical information online.

Most medical privacy issues are the same online and off. The privacy and confidentiality requirements imposed offline, for example, apply equally online. The major difference between online and offline medical privacy is the speed at which medical information can move online.

This calls not for additional or separate rules regarding online medical privacy, but it highlights the importance of ensuring the security of medical information online. Security is a separate issue from privacy, but very closely related. A business' security measures allow it to carry out its promises and obligations, including those relating to privacy. If the security of medical records is not well-maintained online or off the privacy of patients may be invaded.


Can you trust Doctor Dot-com? by Benjamin Ryan, (July 18, 2000)

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