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Who We Are is a Web site supported financially by a variety of individuals and entities, and supported intellectually by many more thinkers and writers.

Administrative functions for are performed under contract by a consulting firm called PolicyCounsel.Com. From time to time, PolicyCounsel.Com advises clients on privacy and related issues. PolicyCounsel.Com clients may take positions on privacy issues and most public policy issues have some relationship to privacy. Please keep the potential for bias in mind as you review Be wisely skeptical, as you would be with any privacy advocate or information source. does not advocate the passage or defeat of any legislation., Inc. has applied for 501(c)(3) status with the Internal Revenue Service and the IRS has granted Privacilla an advance ruling of exempt status. Privacilla's 2002 Form 990 can be downloaded by clicking here [833 KB in .pdf format]. is in no way affiliated or endorsed by, Netscape, AOL, or any related corporation or entity. The Privacilla Public License contains terms that differ from the Mozilla Public License and the Netscape Public License.

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