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What is Privacilla? joins the efforts of many contributors to unravel the concept of "privacy" as a public policy issue. It gives people with interests in privacy policy an extremely efficient, high-quality resource to use when researching or formulating positions on privacy.

Rather than hiring lobbying professionals at hundreds of dollars an hour, individuals and businesses may use Privacilla to learn the privacy issues and develop policy positions on their own. Lobbyists and policy professionals may use Privacilla to learn where their particular interests fit into the broader privacy issue, and to find parallels in other facets of the privacy issue. Likewise, Privacilla is a resource and starting point for the press, academics, and researchers of all kinds.

Privacilla takes a free-market liberal (or libertarian) stance toward privacy issues. The consensus among participants is that the best policy is to limit the role of government to robust and equal protection of individual rights under law. Limited government allows entrepreneurs in competition with one another to innovate and produce goods and services that best satisfy the wants and needs of the most consumers at the lowest cost. There are certainly other views, and we encourage other projects with other perspectives to compete with this one.

The "How Privacilla Works" page describes how the system is intended to work.

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