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Is Privacilla Pro-Business?

In debates about privacy policy, many groups and privacy activists wear the mantle of "protecting consumers." They mean well, and honestly believe that they know what consumers want and need. Unfortunately, they do not.

Rather than letting consumers assert their preferences in the market-place, these groups wish to substitute their own guesses, and the guesses of politicians and bureaucrats, about the levels of privacy that are appropriate for consumers and citizens. This fool's errand is doomed to harmful failure.

While Privacilla might appear to defend the interests of business, this is not the case. Privacilla advocates for free and open markets. Such markets are very difficult for businesses and the best hope for consumers.

Markets pit businesses against one another in a contest to provide the best goods and services on the terms consumers want. Markets are, in fact, very dangerous for business. They minimize profits, require constant innovation, and offer no safety net to businesses that fail to serve consumers.

Privacilla is pro-free-market, which is as pro-consumer as it is possible to be. This perspective is pro-consumer and pro-business as long as business serves its economic masters in the consuming public.


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