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How Privacilla Works

On other pages of this site, we have proposed a permanently revisable set of issue papers, designed, most of all, to inform policymakers about the best approach to the many issues that comprise "privacy." We intend to loosely follow the open source software development model described by Eric Raymond in his very interesting and influential articles on the subject. The site is to be created and constantly refined by its chief users, the individuals and groups most concerned with privacy issues and most affected by government privacy policies.

Revisions of the site are issued often. Anyone may sign up to receive updates when the site is changed. (If you are interested only in particular pages, you may want to use a service like Mind-it to track changes on those particular pages.)

The entire site is debatable and subject to revision any time. Anyone may suggest changes by contacting us using the appropriate e-mail. Are the site and its subsections organized well? Are the papers readable? Do they address the issues quickly? Do they contain enough information? Are their spelling errors? Have we missed an emerging topic? Links to more information? Most important: Have we got the facts and the policy right?

We hope that the thoughtful contributions of many policy professionals will cause the site to contain extremely high quality information and analysis. But, please remember, the papers are designed for busy people who may have to make fast, but important judgments about privacy legislation or regulation. The idea is not to bury them with detail and nuance. Our rule of thumb is to summarize issues in a page or so.

The text of any page on this site (and the page source too, if you want it) is subject to a public license called the Privacilla Public License. Anyone may take material from this website and use it, modified or verbatim, with the single caveat that any material based on this work also must be subject to the Privacilla Public License. Anyone may post material from this site on their own sites, link to this site, copy the content into letters or e-mails, or direct policymakers to view this site.

The Privacilla Public License contains terms that differ from the Mozilla Public License and the Netscape Public License. Please use caution when taking material from the Privacilla site. It opens pages from other websites within its frames. These pages are not subject to the Privacilla Public License. would be pleased to consider proposals for expanding to new issues. As happens in open source, a knowledgeable person must be willing to cover an issue area and moderate the development of the papers on those pages. Please contact us with proposals.

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