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Privacilla's Aesthetics

Many people have questions about the name "Privacilla."

It is pronounced "PRY-vuh-sill-uh" and the name comes from "privacy" and Godzilla, Priscilla, gorilla, or Mozilla (take your choice). One of the greatest sources of inspiration for the name was the lack of available top-level domains. Hopefully, "Privacilla" is at least memorable.

The Privacilla Web site began completely devoid of graphics. It used frames, forced by an awkward little piece of Java script that was a delight only to its author, who is a lawyer, not a coder. The lack of graphics was allegedly to make the site fast-downloading, cheap, and easy to maintain. Well, the cheap part was certainly true . . . .

In September, 2001, about a year into the life of Privacilla, graphics were added to make the site more attractive and accessible, while still a straight-forward, fast download.

We are always interested in ways to make the site more useable, cleaner, and more attractive. Actual help with coding that does that is even more interesting.


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